Is Bigger Better? Your Guide to Breast Implant Sizes

How do you find the perfect size for breast implants? As amazing as it is that breast augmentation is one of the most easily customizable procedures in the industry today, it can be really overwhelming to have to find which implant is the right size for you. It’s not enough to pick a cup size or even to choose the biggest one you can get anymore—thanks to developments in implant technology, implants come in all shapes, sizes, and even textures. Remember, this is a great thing, because once you know how to look for the right size, then you’re a step closer to getting the perfect breast augmentation results.

How Breast Implants are Measured

Breast implants are measured in three different ways: through its volume, its diameter, and profile. The volume is basically how much saline or silicone gel filling is inside each breast implant envelope, and it’s measured in cubic centimeters, otherwise known as cc. The diameter is how wide each implant is, and it can be measured by centimeters or inches. The profile is how far the implant sticks from your chest; the higher the profile, the farther it projects from your chest. Each of these measurements are all connected to each other, so for a certain volume, an implant with a low profile usually has a wide diameter. If you can find the right combination of measurements, then you’re on your way to finding the perfect size.

Perfect for Your Body

The right combination of dimensions for your breast implant will all depend on what your body type is, your personality, and your lifestyle. Your new breasts should have more than a superior cleavage and increased size, they should also reflect who you are. First of all, your implants should be able to physically fit into your breasts, so the diameter of your implants are usually smaller than the measured diameter of your natural breasts. Since your skin has to cover the implants without becoming too stretched, the general size of your implants should also be small enough to comfortably fit within the natural breasts.

Balanced and Proportionate Breast Implants

Your implants should also complement your physique in a way that’s balanced and proportional; that means that if you have a narrow chest and petite frame, you should make sure to get implants that won’t crowd the chest too much. If you happen to want a very dramatic change, one thing you can do is get an implant with a narrow diameter so that it doesn’t crowd the chest, but with a high profile to achieve that projection and shape.

Bigger may be better in some instances, but enhancement has to be balanced, too. To learn more about which breast implant size is perfect for you, schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. John Silverton.