Can breast implants improve your sex life?

Most women, at one time or another, wonder what it would be like to have breast implants. went one better. They asked, “Do breast implants improve a woman’s sex life?” To get answers, they took a survey of women who had breast implants or lifts. Here is what they found:

• Sixty-one percent of respondents said they now have sex more frequently following their breast plastic surgery. Only seven percent claim to have fewer sexual encounters.

• Seventy percent of respondents said their overall sex life satisfaction improved after breast plastic surgery.

• On a scale of one to ten, 28 percent of women who had breast enhancement say their sex life satisfaction improved by more than four points.

• Seven-and-a-half out of every ten women said their breast enhancements were worth it.

Could these results be based on increased self- confidence following implant surgery? The Huffington Post, looking at the survey, commented, “It may be impossible to prove that the surgeries themselves were responsible for women’s increased sexual pleasure, but we suspect the confidence boost that patients receive has much to do with it.”

RealSelf has a “worth it” rating for plastic surgery procedures that reflects combined opinions of thousands of RealSelf community members. Each member rates whether an elective surgery or treatment was “worth it,” all things considered. These ratings are expressed as a percentage; for example, an 80 percent worth it rating means eight out of ten patients would do it again. The “worth it” rating for breast augmentation in 2011 was 84.5 percent; for breast lift, it was 82 percent.

There is no denying the upswing in breast augmentation. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were 316,848 breast augmentation performed in the United States in 2011 compared with 101,176 such procedures in 1997.