How I do Liposuction

Liposuction is probably done differently by every plastic surgeon who does it.

1. I make punctures to create very small holes. I do not make any cuts. I do it with a round awl (a pointed object)

2. I use a metal cannula to inject quite a lot of intravenous fluids using a special pump. The fluid contains epinephrine to make the blood vessels smaller and lessen bleeding. It also contains some xylocaine to relieve the immediate pain afterward.

3. Then I move an ultrasound emitter over the skin. The skin is covered with a lubricant like KY jelly. This also helps conduction. This process pushes the injected fluid through evenly and softens the fat.

4. I suction using special cannulae attached to large syringes. When I pull the syringe plunger it locks open and creates a vaccuum. This is how I do the suctioning. There is no machine.

5. When finished BandAids are placed over the punctures, and a support garment. There are no stitches. There is likely to be some drainage for 24 hours. This lessens bruising.

6. Recovery is quick. I like my Modesto liposuction patients to be asleep for this procedure.