Meet our new Aesthetician

After ending my twenty-nine year career as a teacher, I chose to follow my dream and become an aesthetician. For the past six years I have been dedicated to the health and beauty of skin.

I offer many services:

A personalized facial, the gift of time to relax and let your skin repair, treatments for teens suffering from the physical and mental burdens of acne.

Ear and nose hair removal often becomes a complete facial for the gentleman, who is sent at his wife’s insistence!

I offer education for pre-teens even as simple as to how to properly wash your face, or the importance of performing a proper extraction, or maybe waxing for the 8-year old who is teased for her unibrow, or perhaps plucking and tweezing for the client with poor vision, or eyebrow tint to enhance color, or ear candling to help you hear. I suggest this one for the whole family!

I do micro-dermabrasions, peels, polishes and LED light therapy. I sell only the best skin care products available – Obagi and Yon Ka products.

I am dedicated to the health and beauty of skin. If I don’t have the answer I will find it! Thankfully Dr. John Silverton is always available if we need to call in the cavalry!

Things that give me joy; feeling the grace of God, the opportunity to work in this industry with such a well respected Plastic Surgeon and practice, my loving and supportive family, my dog Max, growing prize winning hydrangeas, the ocean any place any time and my husband’s coffee in the morning. I don’t buy a lot of shoes but I love earrings!

So … please come and spend some time with me. Consultations are my gift to you!

Book a facial before March 1st and receive a free brow waxing or tweeze!

Call me at (209) 608-5152

Please feel free to reply to this email. I will get your email and will be happy to correspond with you.

Here are some things to look forward to:

The Eyes of March

Pre-teen and teen classes

Donna’s Ten Commandments for Healthy Skin

The Injectables with Dr. John Silverton