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RS1047_shutterstock_156513623As a highly experienced Modesto / Stockton mommy makeover specialist, Dr. Silverton recognizes the toll pregnancy can put on a woman’s body. As the baby grows, the stomach skin stretches, extra pounds accumulate in the hip and buttock areas, and the breasts increase in size in preparation for breastfeeding. While some women regain their pre-pregnancy physique with ease, most mothers struggle with excess skin and fatty tissue deposits. Often, even the most stringent diet and exercise regimen is not enough to regain the pre-baby appearance. Fortunately, Dr. Silverton can help mothers enhance both their physical appearance and psychological wellbeing by performing mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

Mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring procedures geared toward achieving beautifully balanced body contours. Most often our mommy makeover patients desire to enhance the appearance of the breast and stomach areas. The breasts might have become “deflated” after breastfeeding, and the stomach might have some excess skin and/or stretch marks on it. All of these aesthetic issues can be addressed through procedures such as breast lift and abdominoplasty in Stockton. Other procedures that might be performed as part of mommy makeover include:

Mommy Makeover: Is It For Me?

Mommy makeover is a sophisticated treatment that can be customized to reflect the unique aesthetic needs of each patient. Dr. Silverton conducts thorough consultations to learn about each mommy makeover patient’s concerns and desires. He uses this information to develop individualized treatment plans that consistently deliver beautiful results. Whether you desire a perkier bustline, smoother stomach, shapelier hips or more alert facial expression, Dr. Silverton will respect your wishes and work to make them become reality.

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