Sculpt & Shape with TruSculpt 3D

Modern nonsurgical fat reduction procedures are proof that cosmetic medicine has entered a golden age: Today, it’s possible to sculpt most areas of the body without a single incision being made in the skin. Rather than relying on surgical implements, these innovative new procedures use extreme heat, cold, and other forms of energy to penetrate and damage fat cells. Once the cells are rendered nonviable, they are painlessly and harmlessly excreted from the body. This leads to a reduction of (on average) 24-25% of the fat in treated areas. Meanwhile, the patient does not have to take any time off of work or give up any of his or her usual activities. He or she simply returns to “business as usual” while unwanted fat gradually vanishes over a period of about two months.

Naturally, this level of convenience has made nonsurgical fat removal procedures extremely popular… And where there’s widespread interest, there’s innovation. New fat-banishing treatments are being developed at a rapid rate as clinicians seek to further refine the various technologies that make nonsurgical fat removal possible. One of the most promising of these recently developed procedures is a system called “TruSculpt 3D.” Since it was made available to cosmetic professionals in May of 2017, it’s attracted numerous supporters thanks to the fact that it can be administered rapidly and with great accuracy. Research also suggests that TruSculpt 3D may be able to penetrate adipose tissue better than other leading nonsurgical fat reduction procedures.

What is TruSculpt 3D?

TruSculpt 3D uses a special tool to apply controlled monopolar radio frequency (RF) energy to the patient’s subcutaneous fat. The RF energy heats the patient’s adipose tissue until some of the cells within it break down. His or her body then begins to slowly excrete the damaged fat cells via the liver and lymphatic system.

During the entire treatment process (which lasts about 30 minutes to one hour), the patient will be able to sit back and relax—TruSculpt 3D is entirely painless thanks to the applicator’s ability to keep the skin comfortably cool. Once the procedure is complete, the patient simply returns to work and waits for the results of his or her treatment to manifest. After about two months, he or she will notice significant slimming in treated areas, as well as increased skin firmness and tone. (Most nonsurgical fat removal treatments also increase the production of collagen, a compound that is responsible for keeping the skin tight, hydrated, and youthful looking.)

The TruSculpt 3D system allows clinicians to target fat cells in a way that is both extremely precise and smoothly uniform. There is absolutely no risk of dimpling or uneven fat distribution with TruSculpt 3D, which makes this procedure an appealing alternative to liposuction. Additionally, the accuracy of the TruSculpt 3D system makes it ideal for treating very small areas of the body in addition to very large ones, giving patients a wide range of body sculpting choices. In fact, TruSculpt 3D is the only nonsurgical fat removal treatment that has been approved for use on any area of the body. As such, you can have your arms, thighs, submental region (the area under your chin), back, and abdomen all treated in one session. And the best part? All of this is possible without the risk of serious side effects. Other than a bit of mild swelling after treatment, there are no side effects associated with TruSculpt 3D.

What Sets TruSculpt 3D Apart from Similar Nonsurgical Fat Removal Procedures?

TruSculpt 3D has a number of unique benefits that place it in a league of its own. First and foremost, it’s extremely convenient—making it something of a novelty within its niche. The one downside of nonsurgical fat removal treatments has long been the amount of time needed to achieve excellent results. With “fat freezing” treatments, for example, patients generally require several separate appointments spaced out over the course of several months (patients are usually advised to wait 30 to 45 days between sessions). Moreover, each of these appointments typically lasts for an hour or more. TruSculpt 3D, on the other hand, can achieve substantial permanent fat reduction after just a single hour-long session. (Some patients choose to have a second session in order to fine tune their results, but this isn’t strictly necessary.) Patients don’t have to wait very long to begin their treatment session, either, thanks to the fact that the TruSculpt 3D applicator heats up in just two minutes! Furthermore, the skin does not need to be thawed or massaged after TruSculpt 3D (as it does after a fat freezing treatment). The patient can just walk out of the cosmetic surgeon’s office once his or her appointment is over.

The final verdict? While liposuction remains the only way to achieve fat removal virtually overnight (albeit with a couple weeks of healing time involved), TruSculpt 3D is a close second in terms of quickness.

Initial research has also revealed that TruSculpt 3D may be more effective than similar nonsurgical fat removal procedures. Some patients have experienced a fat reduction of 36% (as opposed to 25%) in treated areas after just one appointment. No other nonsurgical fat reduction system on the market today can rival this figure; up until now, a 25% reduction in fat was considered the maximum limit achievable by any nonsurgical fat removal system.

In addition to boasting a higher quantity of fat cells removed, TruSculpt 3D has quality on its side. This procedure tends to produce more even results than similar fat reduction treatments, thanks to the fact that the patient’s skin does not need to be sucked into an applicator device during treatment. This eliminates the possibility of there being under-treated spaces between the areas where the applicator was applied. (This lack of suction also results in a much lower reported incidence of post-procedure pain and swelling with TruSculpt 3D. People with a low pain threshold and sensitive tissue sometimes experience prolonged swelling and discomfort after fat freezing, but this risk is practically nil with TruSculpt 3D.)

Finally, like similar “fat melting” procedures, TruSculpt 3D is also an effective way to treat cellulite. It accomplishes this in two ways: First, it reduces stress on the skin by removing fat. While cellulite is not caused by excess fat (instead, it arises due to weak areas in the connective tissues that support the skin), the weight of fatty deposits tends to make dimpling and puckering more pronounced. Secondly, because TruSculpt 3D stimulates collagen production within the dermis and the supportive tissues below it, it’s adept at making the skin smoother. Collagen helps to reduce dimpling by making supportive tissues stronger and the surface level of the dermis generally tighter.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for TruSculpt 3D?

Like all fat reduction treatments, TruSculpt 3D is not intended for use on heavily overweight individuals. No fat removal procedure—not even liposuction—is capable of removing more than 5 to 8 pounds of fat at a time. Indeed, doing so would not be safe, as such sudden weight loss would put an immense strain on the patient’s heart, lungs, and circulatory system. If you have a BMI over 30, you will therefore have to start your weight loss journey the old fashioned way: Through diet and exercise. If this approach doesn’t work for you, you will need to talk to your physician about other surgical choices. Only when you have reduced your BMI will you be able to successfully have TruSculpt 3D.

TruSculpt 3D is safe for the vast majority of patients, whether they are heavy or slim, young adults or mature individuals. However, the results of TruSculpt 3D will be too subtle to produce a profound difference in the appearance of a heavily overweight person, making it a poor investment for larger people. Nonsurgical fat reduction procedures work best on people who are within 25-30 pounds of their ideal weight.

TruSculpt 3D is an extremely low-risk procedure, so most people—even those with minor health conditions and those who cannot have invasive surgery—are eligible for this treatment. With that being said, certain health conditions, such as bleeding disorders, severe autoimmune conditions, and active cancer, may hinder a patient’s ability to undergo nonsurgical fat removal. If you have any outstanding health conditions, particularly of the aforementioned nature, you should talk to your doctor before you have TruSculpt 3D. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask whether or not any medications you are taking might interfere with your ability to undergo body sculpting treatments.

While experiencing pain and swelling after having TruSculpt 3D is rare, some patients may experience minor redness, puffiness, and discomfort for a few days after their treatment session. If this happens to you, we recommend using an over the counter anti-inflammatory pain reliever, such as Advil. You can also apply a cool compress to treated areas to minimize swelling.

A Word on Complementary Procedures

Because nonsurgical body sculpting procedures are so low risk, it’s safe to use two or more fat (or fat and cellulite) reduction therapies in succession. If, for example, you want to maximize your chances of reducing the appearance of cellulite along with removing unwanted fat, you may elect to have Verju before having TruSculpt 3D.  You will have to wait at least a month in order to give the results of TruSculpt 3D a chance to fully manifest, however.

If you want to tone and tighten the skin of your face at the same time as you’re sculpting your body, we recommend trying a nonsurgical skin tightening procedure known as Ultherapy. Like TruSculpt 3D, Ultherapy uses targeted energy to stimulate the production of collagen. Instead of using RF waves, however, Ultherapy uses sound waves. These waves are gentle enough to be applied even to very delicate areas of the face. Because Ultherapy is capable of lifting and tightening the skin of the face and neck, it is often referred to as being a “nonsurgical facelift.”

When you come in for a consultation with us, be sure to mention any complementary procedures you’re interested in. We’ll be happy to develop a personalized treatment plan that reflects your cosmetic goals, your schedule, and your budget.

Getting the Most Out of TruSculpt 3D

Getting the most out of your TruSculpt 3D treatment is as simple as looking after your body well. While the fat removed by TruSculpt 3D will be gone forever, it’s still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after having this procedure. Not only is it possible for the body to develop new fat deposits if an individual gains weight, staying in shape will ensure you remain lean and sculpted all over your body. Eating a diet rich in nutritious whole foods and avoiding calorie-dense, nutrient poor processed foods is a great way to both keep the weight off and prevent many common illnesses.

Having unwanted fat deposits removed can give you the confidence you need to live life to the fullest. Never again will you have to second guess what you’ll wear to an event or worry about going to the beach. You’ll be free to be who you were always meant to be—and you’ll accomplish all of this without the risks of surgery. What more could you ask from a cosmetic procedure?