Trinity Plaza Surgery Center has opened

Dr. Silverton opened the new state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center at Trinity Plaza on Monday, May 18, 2009 by doing the first surgery cases there. Dr. Silverton operated there for three full days last week and will also be operating there on Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week (Monday is a Holiday). So far, Dr. Silverton is the only surgeon to have operated at Trinity Plaza Surgery Center.

Dr. Silverton has now closed the private outpatient surgery suite at his own office, but still continues to see patients at this same address, which is 3133 West March Lane, Suite 1040, Stockton, CA 95219.

Dr. Silverton plans to do the majority of his future cases at Trinity Plaza Surgery Center. This is a beautiful brand new facility which we have watched being constructed for more than a year. It has every conceivable modern amenity and is constructed to the very highest standards.

All of Dr. Silverton’s surgical staff have moved there too! This allowed for a seamless transition to working at the new facility because the surgical team was exactly the same as the team that had worked for many years at Dr. Silverton’s office surgery suite. This includes our Board Certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Vescera, who has now become Chief of Anesthesia at Trinity Plaza. Two surgical nurses, Lillie Thomas, RN and Laura Denton RN have also moved there and provide the same high quality of care for Dr. Silverton’s patients at the new center as they have done for years at the office surgery suite. The operating room technician, Nicole Wong, ORT and the instrument technician, Sarah Macias, have also both moved to Trinity. This unified move has made the transition extraordinarily smooth and uneventful.

Trinity Plaza Surgery Center is located on the west side of I-5 at the Eight Mile Road exit. The address is 10200 Trinity Parkway, Suite 101, Stockton, CA 95219-7249 – (8 Mile Rd. and I-5, off Trinity Parkway). The telephone number is (209) 323-3480. Trinity Plaza Surgery Center is majority owned by Lodi Memorial Hospital. Dr. Silverton is not an owner.

This is a very exciting development and will improve patient safety and comfort, and the entire patient experience. We all look forward to seeing you there.