Should I Wait Until After I Have Kids to Get Breast Implants?

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Planning your breast augmentation can be incredibly stressful. It’s not enough to choose the right plastic surgeon, the right implants, the right placements, and even the right incisions; one of the most essential things you’ll have to decide before undergoing your breast augmentation is timing. Your breast augmentation should happen not just around your own school or work schedule, but your life schedule. In fact, one of the most important dilemmas that women face is whether to wait until they’re done having kids to finally get that breast augmentation.

The Issue

For many women who are planning on more children or thinking about having children, planning their breast augmentation might be tough. While other women wait until they’re done having children to get their breast augmentation, some women aren’t sure about when they’re going to have children or when they’ll stop. Women tend to want breast augmentation after years, or even decades of being unhappy with their breasts, and the prospect of waiting a few years longer for their breast implants might seem unpleasant. They might be tempted to get a breast augmentation before having kids. But why wait in the first place?

The Science Behind Breastfeeding

Some plastic surgeons advise waiting until after having kids to get breast implants mainly because of the effects they can have on breastfeeding, and the changes in breast shape that might result thanks to lactation. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breast tissue and glands swell in order to prepare for lactation. Once lactation is done, the breast will start to shrink, oftentimes leaving the breasts more flat and more saggy than before. It’s this drastic change in breast tissue that can compromise the look of breast implants. By the time the breasts have settled, the size, shape, and positions of the breasts might look completely different thanks to the repositioning of the implants. Indeed, sagging skin from the previously stretched skin of the breasts can lead to worse drooping. Of course, these can be corrected with further surgeries like the breast lift to maintain the look.

The Safety of Breast Feeding with Implants

One other issue for women to consider who might want to have implants before they stop having children is that, while breast feeding is completely possible after getting implants, it can sometimes reduce your milk production.

Now that you’ve learned more about the medical aspects of breast feeding and breast implants, you might feel like you’ve got a good hold on some of the issues regarding the timing your breast implants. The best person to discuss this with is a talented board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. John Silverton. Contact his office now, for a consultation.