10 Little Known Facts About Dr. Silverton

Silverton_sm_400x400Dr. John S. Silverton is more than just a board-certified plastic surgeon; he’s also led an incredibly rich, fascinating life and built a career that spans the globe. In the interest of getting to know him better and piquing our curiosity, let’s learn 10 little-known facts about the talented artist, surgeon, and family man, Dr. Silverton.

  1. As a young boy, Dr. Silverton was educated in one of the oldest and most respected educational institutions in the world: England’s Eton College, near Windsor Castle. Founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, the school is the most famous boarding school in the world and has educated 19 prime ministers, generations of British royalty including Prince William and Prince Harry, and famous actors like Tom Huddleston and Eddie Redmayne. Ever the traditional school, all of the students still wear morning tail uniforms every single day of school. The school is also regularly visited by The Queen.
  2. While he was at Eton starting at age 12, Dr. Silverton developed a love for the sport of rowing, which he still does regularly today. Eton College is known for its history of rowing: for the 2012 Olympics, Eton College hosted the Olympic Rowing and aquatics competitions, and in the past the school has also hosted the World Rowing Championships at its purpose built rowing course nearby at Dorney.
  3. Dr. Silverton founded the Stockton Rowing Club with four other rowers in 1980. Now, it has grown to be a large competitive rowing club in Northern California.
  4. Dr. Silverton attended medical school at the prestigious St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London, which is part of the University of London, the second-largest university in the UK. St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College was founded as early as the year 1123 as a hospital for the poor.
  5. Dr. Silverton met the love of his life, AnneMarie, in the 1960s and they’ve been happily married for 47 years. He also has two wonderful daughters who live in California and two granddaughters whom he is incredibly proud of.
  6. Dr. Silverton loves oil painting, and you can find many of his works exhibited in his home and in his office.
  7. Dr. Silverton is an avid world traveler. Each time he comes home he creates bound coffee table books of photos and experiences of his time abroad.
  8. Dr. Silverton’s wife is a world renowned dog trainer and breeder of border collies who founded and owned Silverton School for Dogs in Stockton. Because of her expertise, she has lectured all over the world and has shown her dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show at Madison Square Gardens for several years. To help his wife, Dr. Silverton wrote and marketed a computer software program back in the 90s to manage her boarding kennel and training arena.
  9. Dr. Silverton’s sister still lives in England. Although she is currently retired, she co-founded a diverse but important television media company with helicopter, and magazine and Hollywood post production divisions.
  10. Ever the talented family, Dr. Silverton’s father actually once held the position of Honorary Physician to The Queen.

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