5 Fun Things to Do During Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

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5 Fun Things to Do During Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Physical checkup? Check. Post-op bras? Check. Choice of breast implant size and incision? Check and check.  You’ve followed Dr. Silverton’s pre-surgery instructions and preparations to the letter, and now you’re ready for your breast augmentation surgery.

But have you prepared for what comes after your procedure?

Not so much, eh? Why would you plan for anything when you’ll just be recovering, you ask? Well, the truth is the recovery period can be a bit boring, especially after the excitement has worn off and all you have left to do is sit around, taking meds and resting.

So instead of enduring the humdrum of post-op recovery, try these fun activities. Doing some or all of these will make the time pass by and can take your mind off the discomfort that you may experience.

  1. Catch up with your favorite TV dramas.

If you’ve missed a lot of shows because of all the pre-surgery preparations you had to do, you can use your down time to catch up. If you’re looking forward to upcoming season premiers, like The Walking Dead, then use your downtime to catch up on the last season so you can be ready for the new one.

  1. Go online shopping.

For sure, you’ll want to debut the new ‘girls’ with equally gorgeous clothes, right? Well, don’t let recovery stop you from getting fabulous clothes that will give your new breasts a beautiful introduction.

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables liberally.

Breast augmentation recovery will require some real downtime, meaning that you aren’t allowed to engage in any vigorous exercises for a while. So to help you maintain your weight, feast on healthy foods. Not only you will be able to fight unhealthy cravings, you’ll also help your body heal with all the vitamins and nutrients found in fresh fruits and veggies.

  1. Indulge in novel series.

Besides the Harry Potter books, there are also fun novels to read to pass the time, for instance, the Pretty Liars series or The Vampire Academy. If you don’t like fiction, then there are many other books that are worth reading, like The Power or The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which can be useful if you’re planning a wardrobe makeover.

  1. Discover new music.

If you haven’t updated the music list on your phone, now is the time. You can sign up to Spotify, edit and reorganize your Pandora stations, or check out new album releases on iTunes. No matter what your taste in music, you can find new tunes, or enjoy your classic faves during your downtime.

If you have any more questions about breast augmentation, never hesitate to talk to Dr. John Silverton. He’ll be happy to discuss any concerns you might have.