Belly Fat? How to Effectively Spot Reduce Stubborn Fat Deposits

Reducing body fat seems to be a never-ending discussion in America with books and websites touting fashionable diets, workout gurus, and the latest in exercise equipment. Although all these efforts are healthy and can provide excellent results, few are effective in reducing unwanted fat deposits in those hard-to-reach body parts like the abdomen, back, or love handles. And forget about cellulite. This problem on the buttocks and thighs is harder to get rid of than your old, comfortable bathrobe.

Surgical solutions offer body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck, but for women and men who are dealing with nominal fat pads which diet and exercise seem to ignore, surgery seems a bit drastic to achieve those body shaping goals.

With the ever-improving technology in aesthetic medicine, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Silverton offers nonsurgical treatments which effectively decrease unwanted fat residing in those troubled areas. He can also reduce embarrassing cellulite so you can wear what you want when you want.


Okay, you eat right and love yoga; you walk for miles three times a week. Yet, those unwanted fat bulges just stay there and won’t leave. We understand, and we want to help. It’s why Dr. Silverton offers TruSculpt 3D at his office in Stockton so you can get smaller and tighter by this summer.

TruSculpt is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment system which breaks down pesky fat cells conveniently, effectively and with no downtime. The truSculpt process is an individualized approach to treat specific concerns for spot treatment, with the ability to do multiple areas in one session.

Love Handles

Why are they called love handles if you hate ‘em? And how can you like them if they are just stubborn pockets of fat, making your clothes fit tight and ruining your goal of a sleek, taut body outline? Whether its age or genetics which is wreaking havoc on your desired midsection, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve what you’ve fought so hard to earn.

With the truSculpt technology, we can target stubborn fat just below the skin surface with radiofrequency energy (RF). This RF treatment heats fat cells to a temperature it cannot withstand, reducing fat pads in target areas by 24%. Once these cells are gone, they are gone for good with your body disposing of the dead cells naturally through the lymphatic system.

You can achieve these amazing results with painless, convenient treatments sessions which take only 15 minutes per area. Most patients choose to do four to six regions at a time to heighten their results. One treatment may not be enough, with many patients opting for up to three sessions to obtain the results they want. It’s completely non-invasive with no downtime.

Abdomen and Thighs

Extra fat is hard to resolve around the tummy, buttocks, and thighs, especially for women. These areas have proven to be difficult, if not impossible to slim down with diet and exercise alone. But just because it’s challenging, doesn’t mean you have to settle for the figure you have. You deserve a body which brings you self-confidence and pride.

The Chin

Okay, we’ve talked about treating love handles, belly and thighs, but how about this – truSculpt is an effective treatment for the double chin. Although Kybella® is a wonderful product, if you’re not into needles, and you need help with your chin, truSculpt may be the treatment for you.

The Arms

Are you struggling with upper arm fat deposits (bat wings) no matter how much weight you lost? TruSculpt can treat these smaller areas as effectively as the abdomen or the back. With customized applicators for specific body parts, you will enjoy a well-toned, sleek upper arm contour for those bathing suits and sleeveless tops.

What to Expect

TruSculpt is performed as an outpatient treatment done right in our office. There is no anesthesia, and you can return to your daily routine after treatment. Each session takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on where the target sites are and how many we’re treating. During the procedure, you will lay back comfortably as we pass a handheld applicator over the treatment area. You’ll feel a warm sensation much like a hot stone massage, causing many patients to fall asleep during the procedure. The truSculpt system provides continuous feedback to the operator, so necessary adjustments are made quickly to ensure optimal results.

Because truSculpt applies heat to break down fat, this gentle warming will also help reduce skin laxity which can produce a skin presence which is tighter, has better tone, and will drape the new contour closely.

After Treatment

Because there is no downtime, truSculpt rates high with patient satisfaction. Another reason for its high demand is because it reduces fat in target areas by more than 20%. Because these effective treatments can be done quickly and conveniently, it has become a procedure many patients schedule during their lunch break.

You can expect visible results to emerge within six to ten weeks after treatment with continued improvement for up to a year. Although once fat cells are destroyed, they never return, we suggest you continue to eat right and exercise regularly to maintain your results.

Why Choose TruSculpt?

  • Tolerable warmth; No downtime
  • Quick and convenient treatment sessions
  • No anesthesia, no topical numbing creams
  • Treats multiple treatment sites
  • Long lasting results

Verju Laser Fat and Cellulite Reduction

The Verju Laser System is an FDA approved green laser treatment designed for body contouring and cellulite reduction. The advantages of choosing the Verju technology system are plenty, including:

  • No surgery
  • No pain
  • No downtime
  • Quick and Convenience
  • Significant loss of inches
  • Great coverage of treatment site
  • Treats body contouring and cellulite concurrently
  • Improvement is realized in a matter of a few weeks

How Does Verju Fat Reduction Work

Verju utilizes LLLT (low-level laser therapy) for fat reduction and cellulite treatment. LLLT is a cold laser (no heat); therefore there is no risk of burning or discomfort. LLLT is known to reduce inflammation and stimulate the healing process when applied in a clinical environment. These advantages are perfect for aesthetic purposes because there is no trauma to the skin while the laser penetrates to the underlying fat cells, melting away its lipids. The fat cells will shrink in diameter without any harm coming to them.

After this fat reduction effect was known, researchers began improving the technology to treat target fat and cellulite with greater focus and efficacy. Their results can be seen in the Verju fat reduction treatment system. The system uses a laser with a special green diode light which promotes lipid liquefaction more effectively than any red laser by about 25%.

Once the lipids are liquefied, they are processed by the body naturally through the lymphatic system. Another advantage of the Verju laser system is it penetrates the epidermis to increase and stabilize dermal collagen, the body’s natural support for the skin.

Making the Cutting-Edge Sharper

Although Verju technology lies on the cutting edge of non-invasive body shaping technology, Dr. Silverton asked manufacturers for a more powerful device which can achieve a higher level of fat reduction if necessary. Instead of the standard six-light mode device, we offer a 10-light diode which lights are grouped closely allowing it to localize its fat reduction treatment much more.

Treatment Areas

  • Flanks
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Love handles

What About My Cellulite?

When underlying fat deposits build up under the skin surface, the result is cellulite. These deposits often form a lumpy, dimpled appearance mostly on the buttocks, abdomen or legs. Until recently, patients were forced to rely on invasive procedures like liposuction to reduce cellulite, however, today, there is a painless, convenient treatment which will reduce cellulite and allow you to wear clothes you haven’t worn in some time.

When fatty lipids are liquefied, and collagen production is increased, these lumpy dimples are more likely to diminish, leaving you with a smooth, flat sin surface.

What to Expect

Verju is a highly effective, comfortable, and convenient process which offers a quick treatment with no downtime. You will lay down make yourself comfortable with something to read or to watch a video and relax. You can even take a nap. There will be no tingling, burning or any discomfort during the treatment.

The procedure will be administered in two parts; 20-minutes to the front and 20-minutes to the back of the treatment site. Next, you will receive a massage to the treatment area to maximize the results. All-in-all, your treatment will be complete within an hour.

After Treatment

Many patients schedule their treatment during their lunch break because they can return to work or their daily routine after treatment. There will be no side-effects like redness or irritation, nor will you need to return home to rest.

Results become apparent within a couple of weeks and will gradually improve for a month or two. The body’s reaction is to dispose of the released lipids naturally and to generate collagen production for skin support and a smooth, supple surface.

Other advantages patients experience may include a reduction in circulating levels of leptin which will help patients follow a healthy diet plan. The treatment may reduce cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar.

Fat Reduction Candidates

When considering a surgical, fat reduction procedure to reduce stubborn fat pads, patients should be in relatively good health. For patients who are not qualified for a surgical procedure, truSculpt or Verju may be your best option. However, women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning a pregnancy in the future do not qualify for either procedure.

Also, patients who have a pacemaker, have active cancer, have immune system impairment or have an open wound near or at the treatments site cannot have either treatment as well. However, this is not to say that all medical conditions will prevent you from having treatment. During your consultation, we will learn enough information to see if you qualify or not.

Patient must understand neither truSculpt or Verju are weight loss treatments. They are designed to get rid of fat diet and exercise ignore. We suggest you are below a BMI of 30 and maintain a proper exercise and diet regimen before and after treatment.

Fat Reduction Consultation

Because truSculpt and Verju are closely related cosmetic procedures to help our patients achieve their body sculpting goals, they use different technologies to ensure their results. Although patients may fully understand the goals they wish to obtain, they may not know which treatment is best for them.

Dr. Silverton’s consultations are designed for our patients to learn more about the procedures we offer and how they relate to their aesthetic concerns. Perhaps you’ve decided on a specific procedure, or maybe you want to explore other options; your consultation will answer your questions and give you the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Dr. Silverton now offers a complete lifestyle consultation and advisory service for those who might need some help transforming their bodies. Please ask about this service if you are interested.

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