Breast Augmentation Recovery

BreastAugYou’ve chosen a great plastic surgeon, the perfect implants, and the best technique for your breast augmentation. All that’s left to do is have a smooth, stress-free recovery and you’ll get the perfect results for your breast augmentation.

Before the Recovery

Before your surgery, make sure you have easy access to supplies you’re going to depend on:

  • Shirts that open in the front (don’t want to lift your arms too much!)
  • Ready-made food that can be easily cooked or microwaved
  • Make sure you have your prescriptions ready
  • Move important objects from high shelves to easy-to-reach places


The rate of your recovery will depend on a few things: how fast you heal, the techniques used for breast augmentation, and whether you place implants above or below the muscle. However, there is a general post-surgery timeline that’s typical for breast augmentation recovery

  • 1-2 days: constant rest and relaxation
  • 1 week: most people return to work
  • 2 weeks: don’t lift anything more than a milk jug until this point
  • 6 weeks: no strenuous activity or sleeping on your sides or front until this point

Comfort Zone

Most patients recovering from plastic surgery set up something like a “comfort zone,” a comfortable, relaxing area where a person can spend most of their recovery time without having to move a lot. The comfort zone should have lots of pillows and blankets, and you should make sure that remotes, alarms, your phone and phone charger, and other important things like your medication are close by.

Get an Incline Pillow

To reduce swelling, it’s highly advised that you should stay upright at all times, even when you’re asleep! It might seem unreasonable, but an incline pillow can really help keep you comfortable without having to sleep flat on your back.

Get Help!

If you have kids or pets, this might be a good time to get some help taking care of them. Remember, you’re not allowed to lift heavy things or do anything that raises your blood pressure while you’re recovering.

Cocoa Butter

Some temporary side effects of your breast augmentation are tight, swollen, and sometimes dry flaky skin. Cocoa butter is a safe, natural product you can gently apply to the skin to help with that.

Comfortable Bras

Most bras, especially underwire bras will be uncomfortable during your recovery. However, patients have recommended bralettes and t-shirt bras as comfortable alternatives.

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