Fathers Day specials

This is also our 2020 Podcast #5

Our new online store is now up and running and has been well received. Our monthly specials and discounts are listed there. Our pricing is available for all to see.

You can get our specials any time we are open and have availability for the entire month. We are no longer having a Beauty Week.

Father’s Day is Sunday June 21. We have Father’s Day specials all month long.

Fathers want to eliminate wrinkles too. So, for all of June we are having a special on Botox®. Botox® is $1 off per unit all month for anyone who gets more than 20 units.

Fathers need to keep their skin in top condition too. So, we are offering 10% off all our Obagi and NeoCutis products all month long – with FREE shipping.

Fathers like some pampering too. So, we are offering a Micro Peel Facial at 10% off all month long. Anyone can get pampered.

For services such as facials and Botox® we ask that you pay in June to get the discounted offer, but if it fits your schedule you can wait until the end of July to get the procedure. Most people will choose to get it soon after you purchase it.

We are also having virtual consultations by appointment at no charge until July 31, 2020.

Please open our emails from us to find out more. Please remember to wear a mask in public and in our office. If you are wearing a mask your exhaled air remains closer to you and doesn’t spread as far. If you combine that with social distancing then fewer people get infected. The “R” value goes down. The “R” value is the replication rate. If the virus is unchecked the natural “R” value for this virus is 3. That means that one infected person infects 3 more people and so on. So the replication rate of the virus should be as low as possible. The virus is diminishing in the community if the “R” value remains below 1. So wearing a mask is courteous and benefits the community. Obviously exceptions should be made for those with respiratory conditions such as asthma and emphysema.

We all wear masks in the office. We will keep you separated from others. We ask you to wash your hands before entering and we check your temperature. You are also asked to sign a form in which you certify that you do not have any of the listed symptoms or issues.

Thank you very much for listening. Please invite your friends to listen and follow my monthly updates on Spotify. Stay safe. Stay healthy.