Is SmartLipo/laser or laser lipo better than traditional liposuction?

These are machines that are used to help break fat up to aid regular liposuction. They are not better or worse than traditional liposuction.

The most important thing to ask is who is going to be actually holding the machine. Most of the companies who make these machines will sell them to anyone who will pay for them. Many of the doctors who buy the machines are not plastic surgeons and many possess very little or no surgical experience.

Your result does not depend on the machine that is being used by the surgeon. It is better to choose the surgeon who is using the machine.

If you choose someone who only does liposuction, then – guess what – you will only get liposuction! You may actually need liposuction plus some other procedure, such as skin tightening or removal, to get the best result.

Many patients choose laser liposuction because of clever marketing. Laser just sounds “cool”. When selecting something as important as surgery “cool” is not a good criterion to use.

Liposuction is only a tool. Just because you buy a saw does not make you into a master carpenter! If I lent my artist materials to you, could you create my paintings? There is a lot of training, judgement, and artistry that goes into planning a successful liposuction or other cosmetic procedure.

My personal preference is traditional tumescent liposuction using external (not internal) ultrasound to help distribute the liposuction fluids. I have 27 years of experience doing liposuction. My results are consistently good. Revision rate is very low.

Your surgeon should be Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These are the surgeons with the highest credentials, and is much more important than the kind of machine that is being used for liposuction.