Kickstart Your 2020 Fitness Resolutions With These Procedures

You’ve made a resolution to lose weight and step up your exercise routine this year. But you’ve made that resolution in years past, and weren’t successful as you’d hoped to be.

The fact is, it’s hard to make healthy changes.

Plans and resolutions are one thing, but sticking with them long enough to achieve real results is another. This year, give yourself a leg up with the kickstart effect that comes from slimming with liposuction or TruSculpt 3D. The fast and very visible results from these fat-reduction treatments act as a motivator to get started and keep going with healthy eating and exercise habits, piling success on success. Your changed diet and activity routines become your new normal and your body’s contours continue to improve.

Eliminate Stubborn Pockets of Fat with Liposuction or TruSculpt 3D

Liposuction removes fat deposits from the body using a suction syringe. The technique eliminates fatty buildup around the midsection or shapes the inner and outer thighs for sleeker leg contours. For men, it can be used to get rid of excess fat in the breasts.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure. Once the fat has been suctioned out, the area is left to heal without the need for sutures. The beauty of the treatment is that the results are almost immediate. You may have some short-term discomfort and swelling, but within a few days you’ll see your newly reduced contours. The fat has been sucked away forever.

TruSculpt 3D removes fat in a different way — by heating fat cells using RF (radiofrequency energy) to damage them, after which they are processed out of the body by the lymphatic system and liver. In a 15-minute treatment, TruScupt 3D’s RF energy penetrates deep beneath the skin to melt away fat down to the level of the muscle.

It works wonders in removing stubborn belly fat, trimming that “spare tire” or those love handles that can be so difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise. This exciting new treatment delivers remarkable results, destroying up to 24 percent of the fat cells in the targeted areas. Once those fat cells are processed out of the body, they are gone forever and that part of your body will always be proportionally slimmer as your overall weight changes. TruSculpt 3D can also firm and tighten the skin. The heating effect of the treatment not only melts away fat, it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin for a rejuvenating effect.

Both liposuction and TruScuplt 3D body-contouring procedures are not, on their own, ways to lose significant weight. But by giving your weight-loss and health-improvement efforts a jump start, they can boost your resolve and help you maintain new habits. It’s a psychological effect, not a physiological one, but it can be powerful. Here’s how it works.

1. Motivation

Small steps are the key to making healthy changes. For a great explanation of this, read the recent bestseller, Atomic Habits, by James Clear. The tag line on the book cover says it all: “Tiny changes, remarkable results.” The way to build new exercise or healthy eating habits is to take the first step. Once you have a feel for that, take another. Each step gives us confidence and begins to lay the track for a new habit until it becomes an enjoyable and satisfying part of our daily life.

The new activity becomes its own reward, and it does that by giving us a taste of success. It is this building on small successes, step by step, that energizes us to keep going and make healthy habits a routine part of our lives. Liposuction or TruSculpt 3D can give you that taste of success right away. You’ll see the positive change in your body contours and you’ll want to keep going with that improvement. The visual reward of a slimmer belly or sleeker thighs can be a huge motivator to stick with your eating and exercise resolutions.

The reverse is also true. The lack of success and the difficulty of getting used to a change are the biggest stumbling blocks for people trying to improve their health with better exercise and eating habits. Losing weight takes time. Finding healthy foods you enjoy requires some experimentation. And exercise can be uncomfortable until you start to become more fit. It can take weeks — sometimes months — to see a change in your weight on the scale or to reach a point where exercise feels good and becomes its own reward. Liposuction and TruSculpt 3D treatments can quickly trim your waistline or make your legs look slimmer. You might drop a size in your clothing. That fast and visible change gives a boost to your self-esteem and to your sense of optimism about reaching your resolutions. And that surge in positive motivation can make the difference between success and failure as you work to improve your health habits.

Treatment with liposuction or TruSculpt 3D provides other motivations, too. The treatments are an investment in yourself and in improving your health. You won’t want to waste that investment by backsliding into unhealthy habits, by gaining weight and losing the good feelings about your body that you’ve just earned. Instead, you’ll find you want to build on that investment and do more, to build muscle tone and lose weight so that you look even better. You’ll also feel better about your body right away — better about putting on your exercise clothes and going to the gym or out for a walk or run. This is another example of success building on success as you make long-lasting positive changes for your health.

2. Team Approach

Social support is another key element in making and maintaining healthy lifestyle changes. We’re naturally inclined to behave like the people around us, and we’re motivated to adopt healthier habits when we get social encouragement. People have an easier time starting and sticking with a new exercise routine if they do it with someone else. That can be as simple as making time for walks with your partner or a friend or finding an exercise buddy to meet you at the gym. The power of social support is also why working with a coach at the gym is so effective. You’re much more likely to build exercise into your weekly schedule and keep raising the bar on your health goals if you’re doing it with someone else — someone who encourages you to keep at it and who notices if you miss a day.

Weight Watchers and other organized diet programs use the power of this social motivation with group meetings where members share their progress and rally others to keep going. If we know we’re going to report our weight or show our exercise log to someone else next week, we’re much more likely to stay on track with our goals. When you’re trying to quit smoking or stop excessive drinking, it’s important to avoid situations where the people around you are smoking or drinking and instead to spend time with people who support you in the change that you’re trying to make. It’s a tenet of Alcoholics Anonymous that helping and getting help from others is critical to breaking old habits.

Will power is important, but it’s usually not enough. Taking a team approach with Silverton Plastic Surgery is a way to harness the force of social motivation. Treatment with liposuction or TruSculpt 3D is another way to adopt a team approach as you strive to reach your health goals. When you engage with a professional for body slimming, you’ll feel that you’re not in it alone, that you have support as you take steps to tone and trim your body. You’re enlisting the professionals who provide your treatment to be in your corner. Even if you don’t see them every week as you might with a coach at the gym, you’ll have the confidence that they are working with you, that they are part of your health-improvement team.

You’ll also be inviting social support from friends and family right away. People will notice that you look better. Those congratulatory comments are effective motivators. You’ll be pleased that people notice the change and encouraged to keep losing weight to elicit even more compliments.

3. Attitude

By choosing liposuction or TruSculpt 3D treatment, you are taking a positive step to improve your body and your health. You’re taking action to eliminate fatty bulges that may have bothered you for years. Making that commitment to yourself is the foundation of positive change. You’re adopting a “can do” and a “will do” attitude. And that optimistic attitude is the fuel that will sustain your efforts to stick with your resolutions and achieve your goals. It can give you the strength to keep pushing yourself when you’re tempted to lapse, to get past the early and most difficult stages of change to reach the point where your new, healthy routines become comfortable and almost unthinking habits.

By choosing liposuction or TruSculpt 3D treatment you’re saying that you matter, that your health and appearance are priorities, and that now is the right time to make a change. That positive attitude goes a long way in life. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. People with confidence and optimism think they will succeed. And because they think like that, they are more likely to succeed. There’s truth to the expression “success breeds success.” The quick and permanent slimming effects of liposuction or TruSculpt 3D are like notching an early win in your campaign. They make you feel successful in reshaping your body, and that helps to instill a positive attitude that will carry you forward to even greater successes.

Choose a Skilled Specialist

Liposuction and trySculpt 3D are both remarkably effective treatments for sculpting the body and eliminating troubling bulges of fat. But they are medical procedures that require expertise, skill, and aesthetic artistry for beautiful results.

Dr. John Silverton in Stockton, CA is a specialist in both treatments. He performs liposuction using only the most advanced techniques to precisely target problematic fat deposits. One of these is the LipoPerfection technique, an important innovation in liposuction that improves results and the patient’s experience. LipoPerfection uses ultrasonic wave technology to disperse a wetting solution into the area of fat to be removed. This preoperative treatment makes the fat easier to extract, minimizes the risk of complications such as bleeding, and improves postoperative comfort.

TruSculpt 3D is a relatively new treatment. It was approved by the FDA in 2018 for use in reducing abdominal fat, and Dr. Silverton is one of the first plastic surgeons to be trained in and master this new body-sculpting technology.

Learn more about how these fat-reduction treatments can improve your body contours and kickstart your fitness resolutions. Call (209) 952-2251 or send an online request to schedule a consultation with Dr. Silverton.