Letter Regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Hello everyone. This is Dr. Silverton with a letter to all of my patients,

Due to the coronavirus pandemic emergency I am writing this letter to keep you informed of developments affecting our practice and your ongoing aesthetic treatments.

We learned very suddenly and unexpectedly that Lodi Outpatient Surgery Center was being shut down permanently at the end of the month. Due to the Coronavirus the date was moved up. The center is now closed permanently.

This is the only facility that I have been using for my surgeries for the past several years. I have therefore decided to stop doing surgery effective immediately. The coronavirus emergency has made this an urgent decision and I apologize for the lack of notice.

However, OUR PRACTICE IS NOT CLOSING. In fact, we are expanding.

The practice will continue to actively offer nonsurgical aesthetic services. We have 2 wonderful highly trained Registered Nurses and a very skilled aesthetician on staff here to serve your wellness and aesthetic needs. The nurses are both skilled nurse injectors with exemplary training and results. Our dedicated aesthetician is here to evaluate and treat your skin and provide care and facials and advise on our skin care products.

We are here to smooth your forehead worry lines, and smooth your frown lines, and your crows feet wrinkles. We can enhance your cheekbones for a more youthful effect, fill and smooth your smile lines and enhance your lips, and remove fat from under your chin – all without surgery or down time.

We can empty fat cells without any discomfort at all, and we can reduce fat bulges without surgery – all with no down time at all.

We can smooth your complexion, hydrate your skin, stimulate collagen and reverse sun damage and dark spots with our advanced formula skin care products and aesthetician services. If you need a product please call in your order. Sandra will package it and carry it out to your car when you arrive. That way you do not even have to come in!

We will soon add buttock enhancement without surgery, threading to tighten the skin of the face, vitamin intravenous therapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP) for hair restoration and micro needling to stimulate collagen!

We are now excited to offer free virtual consultations. We can review your needs and plan your aesthetic treatment. This can be done on any smart phone, but is better if you can use a tablet or desktop computer. So if you are bored at home please call us to set up a virtual consultation! We can evaluate your aesthetic concerns and plan your treatment without you even needing to leave the comfort and safety of your home!

Your safety is our top priority.

In this time of stress over the coronavirus I want to let you all know the extraordinary steps we are taking to keep you all safe in our office.

We have heightened all of our precautionary standards and procedures to maximum levels to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who comes into our office as we learn more about the coronavirus during this uncertain time.

You may rest assured that our office is following all the strictest guidelines, recommendations and regulations of the State Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control, as well as the World Health Organization as we receive updates. We are prepared to close our office and follow any quarantine guidelines if needed.

While we continue to practice universal precautions and observe strict sterilization practices as we always do, we are taking extraordinary measures to disinfect the common areas in our office as well. We have significantly increased the frequency of cleaning and wiping down of countertops, patient check-in areas, door handles, bathroom facilities, waiting room and exam room seat arms and all the other common points of contact. To adhere to current guidelines we are limiting the number of people who can be in our waiting room.

Everyone should practice frequent hand washing and avoid touching their face. Please wash your hands in the restroom in the lobby area before entering the office. We are asking our own office staff to stay home if they have any symptoms suggestive of a cold, flu, or respiratory illness.

To protect you, we are asking if you have traveled within the past 30 days, or if you have been potentially exposed or experience flu-like symptoms to please cancel your appointment at our office. If you are feeling sick, we ask for you to please contact your primary care physician or local hospital for screening and treatment.

We are looking forward to helping you and seeing you in our office when things calm down. Meanwhile  please stay safe.

Call us! We can still see you for a virtual online consultation.