Meet “The Green Lantern” – Our New breakthrough Verju Laser

Removes Fat – Treats Cellulite – non-invasive

The world’s first and only low level green laser approved by the FDA for non-invasive body contouring of the waist, hips and thighs.


ZERO Surgery
ZERO Downtime

You cannot even feel anything!

How it works:

The Verju laser creates a small hole in each fat cell allowing the fat to leak out. The fat cell recovers and you are thinner, like natural weight loss! Tests showed that the improvement was obvious even if both the patient and the doctor did not know if a real or a sham treatment had been applied.

How it is done:

There are 6 green Verju lights. You lie on a massage table and the green lights are carefully aligned to treat your fat bulges or your cellulite.

For a woman your abdomen and thighs are treated for 20 minutes while you lie on your back. You then turn over to treat your bra line and back and thighs for another 20 mins.

Men will usually get their chest and abdomen treated and then turn over to treat their entire back.

You will then receive a short massage with a patented roller device to push the released fat away from the empty fat cells. The released fat needs to be helped away from the fat cells to avoid it being taken up again by the empty fat cells.


You can enhance your results in several ways

The short massage after your treatment massages some of the fat away.
Drinking adequate amounts of water will help to wash the fat away.
Aerobic exercise including walking every day will help to move the fat away.
Curva, a pill containing niacin, causes a mild flush and helps to further wash the fat away
Modifying your diet to avoid sodas and junk foods, and avoid all alcohol, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and restricting calories will also help.


A minimum of 6 treatments are required at least 48 hours apart. You can choose to do 3 a week for two weeks, or 2 a week for three weeks or one a week for six weeks. You may also choose 9 or 12 treatments. Costs for 6 treatments are only $1,499, 9 treatments are $1,999, 12 treatments are $2,499.

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