What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation in Your 50s

Breast augmentation was never just for the young—in fact, your 50s is a prime time to get it. If you’re in your 50s and considering breast augmentation, take some time to read this handy guide on everything you need to know about enhancing your figure in your fabulous 50s.

It’s Worth the Wait

Most women in their 50s are done having children, are much more self-assured, and are emotionally and financially ready to undergo a breast augmentation. During your 50s, you’re also probably ready to reverse the effects of motherhood and feel feminine and alluring again.

A breast augmentation can:

  • Restore volume lost thanks to hormonal changes and breastfeeding
  • Enhance the shape of the breasts
  • Enhance the cleavage
  • Help rejuvenate your body

Because women in their 50s start to experience the effects of aging in their skin, some surgeons recommend pairing their augmentation with a breast lift. A breast augmentation with a breast lift can:

  • Lift and tighten sagging breasts
  • Resize overly-large nipples
  • Prevent implants from worsening sagging

Things to Keep in Mind

Because growing older brings about a new set of challenges in someone’s health, it’s important that you be honest with your surgeon about your medical history. Most medical conditions won’t necessarily disqualify you from undergoing a breast augmentation, but it’s essential that your surgeon plans his surgery around your accurate medical history.

Mind the Menopause

While menopause won’t directly affect your implants, your body will still respond to hormonal changes. Some women report that menopause results in the formation of extra fat in the upper body. This might cause the breasts to gain substantial amounts of volume—potentially affecting the way the breasts look with implants. If you are already postmenopausal, then it’s unlikely that further hormonal changes will affect your new breasts, but if you’re perimenopausal it’s essential that you consider any possible changes in breast tissue—whether it’s an increase or decrease in size. If you want to learn more, you can talk to Dr. Silverton about possible changes to the breast.

Now that you know a little bit more about how fabulous it is to get breast augmentation in your fifties, you can take the next step and reach out to an esteemed plastic surgeon like Dr. Silverton. For a chance to work with Dr. Silverton, contact his offices now for a consultation.