What You Need to Know About the New and Improved Tummy Tuck

TummyTuckWant a new and improved you after having children or losing weight? A tummy tuck can help you. This procedure will tighten your muscles and make the skin in your tummy flat and taut. And thanks to surgical advancement, the tummy tuck is now safer and less complicated than ever before. Dr. Silverton understands how stressful going through a surgery is. This is why he has learned a new
technique in performing tummy tucks so his patients can enjoy optimum results with fewer complications and less pain.

To help you understand the difference and see why the improved technique is better, let us first take a look at the old way of performing a tummy tuck.

The Old Technique

The old school way of performing this procedure is by creating an incision in the lower abdomen horizontally. The skin and fat are then lifted up to separate them from the muscle. The belly button is cut around from the skin and is saved for later. The muscles are then tightened. The skin and fat flaps are stretched down and trimmed off before suturing the skin back together.

This old way of tucking the tummy presents three problems that are considered to be risky for the patient.

One, there might be less blood flowing to the lower part of the central skin after the surgery which can lead to dead skin and ulceration. Two, liposuction may not be performed at the same time as the procedure may affect the healing process. Lastly, it requires prolonged installation of drainage tubes to drain fluids that accumulate in the hollow space under the flap.

The New Technique

The new way of performing tummy tuck solves the problems mentioned above. What makes this safe and effective is that the deep blood vessels located in the upper and outer part of the abdomen are preserved, making the healing period fast. Liposuction can also be added to the procedure to remove excess fat. This way, excision will be done in the areas that only need to be removed. Drain tubes will still be used to remove any fluid buildup but they are typically removed within a few days after surgery.

Because the skin and fat are kept together, keeping the blood vessels intact, the risk of post-surgery complications is reduced significantly. You can also recover quicker than the old way, making the entire process less inconvenient on your part.

For pain control Dr. Silverton uses a long acting local anesthetic that is injected during the procedure. For easy and safe wound care, Dr. Silverton seals the incision with a special ribbon mesh gauze and skin glue. No dressing care is necessary!

There you have the difference between the new and old. If you want to learn more about the new techniques, consult with Dr. Silverton. He’ll discuss with you the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself which tummy tuck technique you’re most comfortable with.