Signs Your Breasts Are Too Big for Your Frame

In a society where bigger is almost always seen as better, many women feel uncomfortable with their naturally large breasts. The downsides are numerous, especially if you feel like your breasts make you appear larger than you are or if you have trouble finding clothing to suit a large upper body and a relatively petite lower body. Do you wonder if your breasts are too large and what you can do to manage the downsides of being top-heavy? Here are some signs that your breasts are too big for your frame and some compelling reasons to consider breast reduction surgery.

Indications Your Breasts May Be Too Large

Most women with too-large breasts know they cause issues. Some, however, may be struggling to determine if surgery is worth it when it comes to risk versus reward. Here are some signs to pay attention to if you have large breasts.

Struggle to Find Clothes That Fit

Finding clothes that are flattering is a struggle for women with large breasts. It’s common to experience buttons straining or fabric gaping at the top. Finding undergarments that are suitably supportive, as well as comfortable, can also be a big challenge, and some women find themselves spending hundreds of dollars on a single bra. If you can never seem to find clothes that fit you properly, you may find significant benefit in breast reduction surgery.

Pain and Irritation

Pain is one of most pressing warning signs that large breasts have graduated from an inconvenience to a real problem. If you experience regular back, neck, and shoulder pain, your breasts may be too large for your frame. Patients often find their bra straps leaving persistent and painful indentations in their shoulders, in addition to constant skin irritation beneath breasts. These issues can be greatly reduced or eliminated with a breast reduction surgery.

Nerve Issues

Though you may not have connected the two, over-sized breasts can lead to a nerve-tingling sensation referred to as paresthesia. This results from the weight of the shoulders pulling down on nerves under the collarbone, and this condition can worsen with age as breasts sag. The weight can also compress the nerves in your back, leading to similar tingling sensations and discomfort. The only way to reduce the symptoms of paresthesia is to relieve the weight on the nerves, which can be accomplished with breast reduction surgery.

Your Lifestyle is Hindered

Large breasts can impede simple daily activities like bending down to pick up heavy items at work. If you have a desk job, being overly top heavy can stoop posture and cause back and neck pain. If you’re very physically active, large breasts can make running, swimming, or aerobic exercise uncomfortable or even impossible. If daily activity or exercise leaves you in pain, short of breath, or physically exhausted, it’s likely that a breast reduction surgery would have an enormous impact on your quality of life.

Breast Reduction Surgery Process

Breast reduction surgery is a common procedure. The surgery itself takes around four hours to perform, and patients are usually placed under general anesthesia during this process. The surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue through an incision and then adjust the size and shape of the breasts. Reduction mammaplasty is a surgery with results that greatly enhance patient comfort and confidence. It is an outpatient surgery. You do not need to go to the hospital. Patients can expect bruising and swelling during recovery but are usually able to resume daily activity after a few days of rest. Those who undergo treatment should avoid heavy lifting objects or straining for at least three weeks. Within a month, you can return to a physically strenuous job, while those who work in a sedentary position may be able to return sooner.

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