First Experience With Cosmetic Surgery

I am writing this article to tell you about my first experience with cosmetic surgery….A Full Tummy Tuck

I was 23 years old when I had this amazing procedure done. One may ask “Why would you need a tummy tuck at 23?” and my reply to this is: I was once seen in the public eye as a beautiful individual (exteriorly). I was a Tall, Tan, Green-eyed girl with a Bangin Body. (I felt like a million bucks everywhere I went.) Then at the age of 16, I conceived and delivered a beautiful little girl. During the long nine months I gained 100 pounds, had stretch marks covering my whole body, and my million dollar image had diminished!!!

img-testimonialI became very self conscious of my body. Over the course of a year I went to the gym and was able to lose 45 pounds, losing the weight helped boost my self esteem but I still had these nasty looking, saggy stretch marks.

That’s when I decided “I NEED A TUMMY TUCK!”

As a make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics and a local hair dresser, I saw several beautiful woman each day. I begun to ask some of the woman that looked like they may have had some body work done who their doctor was, and woman after woman would tell me Dr. Silverton.

As I became more serious about actually going under the knife, I found that these woman were willing to show me the amazing work that Dr. Silverton did. I was convinced he was going to be my new doctor!

Finally I made my consultation at Dr. Silverton’s office. The staff was very polite and made me feel very comfortable. As I sat in the room waiting for the doc to come in I have to admit that I was a little nervous. One: because he’s a more “mature” man and Two: because I had to be naked in front of him…Yikes!

After a minute of talking with him “Naked”…LoL…I felt at ease. Doctor Silverton was very professional and very knowledgeable about what I was wanting done. A few months later I was in the operating room.

The day of my surgery the nurses were so nice and nurturing to me and my crazy nerves! I was lying on the table one minute and the next minute I was waking up in recovery to my family. It seemed like a breeze until the next day.

The next day I was in a lot of pain (keep in mind I have a low pain tolerance and am unable to take Vicodin). I recommend that you have a care taker 24/7 for the first week because I was unable to stand up or even walk on my own, couldn’t go to the bathroom on my own, and definitely was not in the right mind to know which meds to take let alone at the right time.

The second week you will be fine on your own.

Three weeks later I was feeling back to normal and was able to continue my everyday life without any hesitations.

It has now been three years since my procedure. I have lost a total of sixty five pounds and I haven’t felt this good in eight years. Although I am very satisfied with the end results of my tummy tuck, I do recommend losing all the weight you want to lose before actually going through with the surgery.

I am now back in Dr. Silverton’s office for breast augmentation/ lift. I am excited to finally see the two procedures together on my body. I’ll let you know how that turns out!