Beautiful Outcome

Dear Dr. Silverton and Staff,

I was thrilled to discover Dr. Silverton. He has incredible passion for his work, which is evident in the results. Words cannot even describe how I feel about the beautiful outcome of my surgery. The results exceeded all my expectations. From the beginning, he was responsive to all my concerns. He turned the process into something fun and memorable. It was comforting to know he was genuinely interested in achieving the best results possible, but not afraid to explain the limitations. The overall experience was professional and confidence inspiring from the first visit to the final post-op. The patient care was exceptional. I would have total confidence in recommending Dr. Silverton to anyone considering cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Silverton never overpromised but definitely over delivered. I am amazed at his precision and eye for detail. And the kindness and caring of his entire staff contributed to results that were beyond my expectations. A large part of the procedure was cleaning up unprofessional and sloppy results left by a less skilled plastic surgeon.

I cannot express enough my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent care provided. Each staff member from reception to payments contributed to a wonderfully positive experience. Their attentiveness and passion assured me that I was receiving terrific care throughout the entire procedure.