The Perfect Surgeon

My name is Nancy, and I am 22 years old. When I was about 13 I started to realize that with getting more mature my body was not changing the way it was supposed to be, or the way I saw other girls my age maturing. For the next 7 years of my life I suffered with trying to hide the fact that my right breast was at least three sizes smaller than my left breast. I almost just starting telling myself, “I need to accept this. There is no way I could ever afford to do any surgical procedure to fix my problem, and even then I could never have normal breasts like every other woman out there.”

But something changed all this when settlement money came to me in the result of a horrific car accident I was in two years before. Ok I thought, this is finally my time to have something done that I had hoped for my entire teen to adult years. The search was on for the perfect surgeon to change my entire life. I had many references ranging from Sacramento to Stockton and my search began in Sacramento. I was so excited I couldn’t wait for my first consultation, only to find out the news from three doctors telling me no matter what procedure I had done, my breasts will never look the same, but were willing to perform the augmentation anyways. My heart sank in my chest and thoughts came to me that I was destined to have this abnormality for the rest of my life, with knowing I had one doctor left on my list.

The suffering ended in August of 2007 when I walked into the facilities of Dr. Silverton. The first thing he told me was, “We can help you”. He explained to me how I would need a lift on my left breast to compensate for the years of gravity working against me, and an implant on the right side so everything will be completely even. Everything Dr. Silverton and his office told me sounded amazing. He even had a terrific payment plan if needed and a discount to anyone who will pay in advance of any procedure. They gave me every piece of information to make my procedure as relaxing as possible.

On September 17, 2007, I went into this surgery confident and 100% ready. I ended up getting 250cc in my right breast placed under the muscle, and a lift on my left. My recovery was a breeze, in under 1 week I was back at work as a hairstylist. Taking it easy of course in that time, I went to my two follow up appointments to find out that everything looked GREAT! It was only about 6 months after that my implant had completely dropped into its place and things look amazing.

This experience with Dr. Silverton was truly life changing. My confidence that was never there before was now at 110%. I am now buying any swimsuit I want, any bra I want and any clothes I want.

I could never thank Dr. Silverton and his team enough. I can only say that any procedure I decide to have or need in the future will be done by Dr. Silverton.