The Cup Size Conundrum

I am always being asked “What is the difference between a “C” cup and a “D” cup.

This is a very difficult question because there is no standard and how can you describe a cup size in words? To make things more difficult the “C” cup for a 32C and 34C and 36C are all different. Also all bra manufacturers make bras that fit differently even for the same cup size. There is no standard.

We need to talk about the planned and desired outcome size differently, but it remains difficult.

Breast implants come with a volume label in milliliters (mls or ccs – they are the same) and not a cup size. A small implant in a large breasted person will not result in a small breast! The final result is the natural breast volume plus the breast implant volume. The cup size is an opinion, and not a fact. Confused? So is everyone else!

What counts is what it looks like and not the number on the breast implant. That is why we measure the breasts in such a detailed manner. The goal is to achieve a beautiful shape and be guided by the patient’s desire for not so large or large or as big as possible. Not all sizes are possible or even appropriate and should be customized to the patients goals and body characteristics, such as skin elasticity and tissue thickness.

It is not easy, but it is worth the trouble to think about the options and try to get the very best possible outcome for everyone. That is our goal.