The Verju Laser

The Verju Laser is truly cutting edge technology. It is FDA approved to provide body contouring with fat loss, and treatment of the appearance of cellulite.

lipo-adThe Verjú laser system is made up of (6) low level laser beams that sweep the area of concern for a treatment period of 40 minutes (20 minutes per area front and back). The region is then massaged with the Erchonia percussion device for two minutes per area treated. There is no pain involved, no heating or cooling of the tissue, no incisions, no needles and patients can continue their daily routines immediately following their session. No diet and exercise is required, but is encouraged for maximum benefit.

There is absolutely no pain. In fact you cannot feel anything and the green lights do not touch you. There are no side effects or adverse events.

The Verju uses the safest and most researched low level laser in the world. The science has been proven by several Level 1 double blind, multi site, sham controlled clinical trials.

The Verju actually targets the fat cells beneath the skin and a tiny hole develops in the fat cell. The fat inside comes out of the fat cell and is deposited outside the cell. The cell is not harmed and recovers. This is the nearest thing to natural weight loss there is. There is no scarring and no healing is required. The fat that is now external to the cell moves away from the cell to provide energy and be excreted. In order to help this process a short massage is provided at the end of your treatment using a special percussive device. Drinking a lot of water helps to flush the fat away too. Moderate exercise also helps, and avoiding carbs and alcohol helps. There is also a pill called Curva which contains Niacin which helps to flush the system.

We take detailed measurements around your abdomen, hips and thighs before we start the course of treatments and then again a week after the last treatment

In the clinical trial 38 subjects averaged 4.0 inches weight loss in 2 weeks, while the 32 subjects in the sham group lost 1.2 inches. Each subject had 3 treatments a week and they were not advised on methods described above to help the fat leave the body. We have found that better results can be achieved by spacing the treatments out to a week apart and using all the extra methods of helping the fat leave the body.

Results vary by individual. We prefer 9 treatments or more. The results are more dramatic the more fat you have to lose. We have a patient who lost 10.5 inches in 2 weeks.

Cellulite is also improved. A clinical trial showed that cellulite was improved in 57% of patients by one stage in the Nurnberger-Muller Scale.

We are currently studying the effect of the Verju laser when a treatment is provided just before a liposuction procedure.

The Verju green light is at 532 nm and this provides 25% more energy than its predecessor which worked at 635 nm.

The laser seems to help back pain in some people.

I have had this laser for 2 months and we are amazed by what it can do. Costs are very reasonable at $1499 for six treatments and after that you can add three treatments at a time for just $500. Cellulite treatment is only $850 for six Verju treatments.Call 209-952-2251 for more information.verju-logo