Truth Time: Top 5 Questions We’ve Been Dying to Ask about Tummy Tucks

Are you brimming with questions about the tummy tuck but you’re too afraid to ask? We’ve got your back. In the spirit of educating patients, we’ve put together this handy guide on all things tummy tuck: the top 5 questions you’ve been dying to ask about the tummy tuck.

How Painful Is It?

Don’t worry—many of our patients have reported that apart from some mild discomfort, a tummy tuck recovery is quite manageable. Patients will experience some soreness, swelling, bruising, and numbness while they’re healing from the procedure, but for the most part it is tolerable. Dr. Silverton even adds a long acting local anesthetic during surgery to further ease any discomfort. Dr. Silverton will prescribe pain medication to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during their recovery, but many patients also report that they moved to over-the-counter drugs after a week or two.

Will I Really Need to Wear Drains?

Some patients express concern about. Drains are placed to help prevent complications from fluid accumulation, but lucky for you, you can say goodbye to the drains after a week or so.

Will it Mess Up My Core Strength?

Once you’ve completely healed and are ready to start rebuilding your core strength, you might worry that your tummy tuck has compromised your core strength. In fact, a tummy tuck will tighten a previously weakened and loosened abdomen, allowing you to engage your core much easier than before. After a tummy tuck, many of our patients find that their core strength is stronger than ever!

How Bad Is That Scar?

Sometimes our patients worry about the scar that Dr. Silverton needs to create to perform the tummy tuck. The incision is typically placed above the pubis, and is kept low. Its length varies but is typically from hip to hip. There are no stitches to take out. Dr. Silverton seals the scar with skin glue and there are no dressing changes required.

What Dr. Silverton’s patients find out is that the scar is actually designed to be easily hidden; the scar can be moved up and down depending on the patient’s personal style, and the length of the scar will depend on how much correction they need. Another incision will be made around the belly button so that it can be moved—but this is also easily hidden. There’s no worries!

Isn’t It the Same as a Liposuction?

Not at all. While liposuction is an amazing procedure for sculpting your figure and eliminating deposits of fat from the body, it can’t really do much in the way of removing excess skin or tightening the muscles. In fact, liposuction might actually make more loose skin for those with bad skin elasticity. Dr. Silverton combines liposuction of your entire abdomen with the tummy tuck to sculpture your figure even more. A tummy tuck removes excess skin, and fat, and it tightens the muscles of the abdomen.

Got a few more questions? That’s all right, you can ask the renowned Dr. Silverton himself by contacting his offices for a consultation on the tummy tuck.