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It’s often said that beauty is a choice. A lot of what you wish for is within reach – including the best physical version of yourself.  It’s time to look at the mirror and feel great about yourself. Dr. Silverton’s exceptional skill’s in plastic surgery will help you achieve the physique of your dreams. His passion in artistry, beauty, and helping individuals invigorate their self-esteem will be your guiding hand to an impeccable you. All you have to do is schedule an in-depth consultation with Dr. Silverton, and you’re one step closer to achieving your ideal you.


Dr. Silverton’s Cosmetic Procedures


Dr. Silverton is a globally renowned surgeon, an artistic virtuoso who has honed his skills over the course of 30 years in the field of cosmetic surgery. He is a member of numerous professional organizations, and has been recognized worldwide for his striking surgical works. Each patient attests to his flawless works that have natural results. Dr. Silverton surely knows how to add artistic touches to his procedures to create such beguiling beauty. If you have issues with your aesthetic appeal, you may choose among Dr. Silverton’s procedures to resolve your concerns:



Breast Augmentation


You can achieve your ideal breasts through breast augmentation. Using implants, you can have the breast you desire. This procedure also resolve issues of breast’s shape and symmetry. With Dr. Silverton’s decades of experience in breast augmentation, he will help you choose the most suitable type and size of implants for your body.


Breast Lift


Due to aging or pregnancy, the breasts can begin to droop or sag. At our cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Silverton performs breast lift surgery, often incorporating implants such as those used in breast augmentation, to restore firmness and volume to the breasts while relocating them for a perkier, more youthful appearance.


Breast reduction


Oversized breasts can be uncomfortable. Breasts that are excessively large can also look aesthetically unappealing if disproportionate to the size of the body. The size of the breasts may also interfere with the woman’s lifestyle. If the patient experiences such dilemmas, it is recommended to schedule a breast reduction with Dr. Silverton.


Tummy Tuck


When a person loses weight, the abdominal skin typically does not shrink to the body’s new shape. The skin hangs in loose folds instead. The muscles of the abdomen may also become loose, especially after pregnancy. Usually, this issue cannot be resolved without a surgery. With Dr. Silverton’s outstanding skills, he can help fix these issues. Tummy tuck can be the best solution for this problem, resulting in a flatter, tighter tummy.




Most of the time, exercise and restricted diet are not enough to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. It can be depressing for people who try hard to achieve and maintain the physique they desire. Through liposuction, fat deposits on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and other common problem areas can be addressed. Dr. John Silverton performs liposuction using the most advanced techniques to precisely target problematic fat deposits. Using finer cannulas and syringe technology, Dr. Silverton can sculpt many areas of the body with minimal postoperative discomfort.


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