Why does everybody seem to want to get such big breast implants?

I am often asked by my breast implant patients to go as big as possible, but let’s consider the downsides.

There is more pain after large breast implant surgery. The pocket for the implant is stretched by the large implant and this causes pain. It makes recovery longer and may cause more swelling. They are more likely to swell differently causing concerns about how they will eventually look. Also, they will have to settle more and may end up with too much fullness in the upper chest while they settle. It is harder to predict how they will look later.

Big breasts make it more difficult to exercise, particularly jogging or anything that is impact such as cross fit or riding a horse. If you are athletic they can get in the way. They need more support.

Think about what will happen over time. Breast implants have weight and the bigger the implant the heavier it is. Set that against the stretchiness of your own skin, which is different in everybody, and you can see that over time the implant will respond to gravity and gradually come down and be lower on your chest. It will stretch out the lower part of the breast and may end up too low. This is called “bottoming out”.

Think about what might happen many years out. You might develop backache due to the breast implant weight. Then you might want to go smaller. All those years of stretch will take their toll. Now you have too much skin and it will not shrink down after the smaller implants are in there. So you will need a lift. Lifts cost more and leave scars.

Repeat surgeries are more common with larger breasts.

Breasts are not all about size. They are about shape and attractiveness. Bigger is not always the most attractive.

Lets plan your breasts so that they will look great. I like to measure the breasts and then consider the implant size and style based on your measurements. It is more like fitting clothes and less like seeing what you can cram in there. I like to customize your breasts so that they fit your body and improve your overall appearance.

Pretty is better than bigger!